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Brazil, here we come!

We always knew that FANS-LEAGUE will grow to be a worldwide phenomenon. We just never knew what will be our first destination. Now we know, and it couldn't be a more fitting one. It's Brazil, a place where the love for Futebol is unlike anywhere else on earth.

FANS-LEAGUE worked well in our home field, in Israel. Tens of thousands of users joined the league in the nearly two years of its existence, with entire communities of dedicated fans forming around the competition. That what gave us the confidence to "conquer" a new country, and that we'll do.

We launched in Brazil this week, offering fans of the entire 20 teams in the Brasileirao Serie A the chance to compete and prove they are the best fans in Brazil. Thousands have joined since the product went online, and we expect that by the time the 2019 season will begin, the league will be flooded with enthusiastic and dedicated Brazilian fans.