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Head & Shoulders “Ultra Man” Sponsorship Performance on FANS-LEAGUE and Sport5 Eco-System






  • During the month of January, the app was downloaded by 7,652 new users, of which 5,696 are Android users and 1,956 are iOS users.

  • 21.100 unique users engaged with the app at least once this month – 15,700 in Android and 5,400 in iOS.


Sponsor-integrated exposure:


Intro screen:


  • The intro screen, including the Head & Shoulders logo, received 2.56 Million total impressions during January – 1.55 Million on Android devices and 1.001 Million on iOS devices.

  • The average time on screen for the intro screen stands at 5 seconds on all devices.

  • Unique users were exposed to the intro screen 121.3 times on average during January.












Video trivia:



  • 180 of the trivia questions in the app during January were video trivia, which includes a Heads & Shoulders pre-roll ad.

  • These video trivia questions, and their accompanying pre-rolls, were viewed 52,953 times in total

  • On average, a video trivia is answered by 5,883 users.

  • 15% of users re-watch the video.


















Fans’ lineup:


  • Users had four opportunities to choose their lineup for the next match, and by doing so were exposed to the Head & Shoulders banner.

  • 9,051 unique users chose a lineup at least once during the month.

  • The banner received 36,057 impressions

  • Users had an average time on screen of 54 second on Android devices and 49 seconds on iOS devices.














Active sponsor exposure:


Sponsor-user interaction:


  • During January, 84 fans received prizes on behalf of Head & Shoulders.

  • 560 fans that achieved a weekly top-10 team ranking received coupons by Head & Shoulders to buy the brands’ products. 58% of them used those coupons.

  • 12 fans received gift packs by Head & Shoulders for answering trivia questions or polls on the Fans League TV program.





Articles on the Sport5 website:


  • On average, the Sport5 website has 350,000 unique visitors.

  • On January, 15 articles by FANS-LEAGUE appeared on the website on the Fans League and Head & Shoulders designated page.

  • The average time on screen for FANS-LEAGUE content on the Sport5 website is 1:51 minutes.

  • All FANS-LEAGUE articles that appear on the website include the FANS-LEAGUE TV program’s video on auto-play.

  • On average, general articles on the Sport5 website are visited by 12,590 unique users.

  • FANS-LEAGUE articles were visited by 11,824 unique users on average.

  • During January, 74,203 unique users visited the FANS-LEAGUE articles.

  • In total, the number of FANS-LEAGUE page views (including articles and the designated page itself) stands at 153,563.





  • During January, three episodes of the FANS-LEAGUE TV program aired on the Sport5 website.

  • Each of the episodes included the Head & Shoulders ad on three occasions: pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll.


Match-day highlights program:



  • “Sha’ar HaShabbatt”, the Israeli League’s weekly summery program, airs every Saturday night on the Sport5, covering Saturday’s 4 matches played (2 more are played on Sunday and one is played on Monday).

  • The program earns 4% of the TV rating, representing about 120,000 households in Israel.

  • The program incorporates 4 FANS-LEAGUE features: an opening trivia question, a poll, the trivia answer (and its prize winner) and an album showcasing “selfies” sent by fans from the different stadiums.

  • Branding during the program is currently under negotiations with Head & Shoulders and two other potential sponsors from the food and transportation markets.